Mountain rescue teams search for bodies at the crash site of Iran Aseman Airlines flight 3704. (Mizan news agency/Mohammed Khademosheikh)

Part of flight 2120’s tail section lies in the desert outside Jeddah after the crash. (Aviation Safety Network)

The crash left a high rise apartment building in ruins. (Pool Merillon/Ribeiro via Getty Images)

The crash site of Kenya Airways flight 507, seen from the air. (Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority)

This section of the center fuselage was the only recognizable part of the Boeing 757 after the crash. (National Geographic)

The wreckage of Allegheny Airlines flight 485 lies in front of several demolished beach houses where it crashed in East Haven, Connecticut. (The New Haven Register)

The wreckage of Eastern Air Lines flight 401 lies in the Florida Everglades after the crash. (Ron Infantino)

Passengers evacuate Aloha Airlines flight 243 after its successful emergency landing on Maui. (Honolulu Star-Advertiser)


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