A Game of Words: The crash of PSA flight 182

PSA flight 182 goes down in flames over San Diego. (Hans Wendt)
A period advertisement for PSA. (Click Americana)
N533PS, the Boeing 727 involved in the accident. (Ian Oswald)
The route of PSA flight 182 on the day of the accident. (Google + own work)
N7711G, the Cessna 172 involved in the accident. By the time of the accident it had been repainted with a yellow stripe instead of red. (unknown author)
The approximate paths of the two flights prior to about 60 seconds before the collision. (Google + own work)
The full tracks of the two planes before the collision. (NTSB)
This animation of the collision appeared in an episode the Weather Channel show “Why Planes Crash,” produced by the Weather Channel and MSNBC.
Hans Wendt’s photographs of flight 182’s final moments.
An aerial view of the devastation in North Park shortly after the crash. (San Diego Union-Tribune)
Another angle on the point of impact. (San Diego Union-Tribune)
Firefighters put out hot spots in the rubble. (San Diego Union-Tribune)
Officials examine one of the 727’s engines. (San Diego Union-Tribune)
Diagram of the 727’s position relative to the Cessna’s cockpit windows over time. (NTSB)
Diagram of the Cessna’s position relative to the 727’s cockpit windows over time, assuming the seat is adjusted to manufacturer’s recommended position. (NTSB)
A piece of flight 182’s fuselage skin lies on a residential street. (San Diego Air and Space Museum)
Wreckage and houses burn at the intersection of Dwight and Nile. (San Diego Union-Tribune)
Firefighters work to douse the wreckage. (San Diego Police Museum)
A firefighter confronts a burning house after the crash. (San Diego Police Museum)
In all, 22 houses were damaged or destroyed. (San Diego Police Museum)
Firefighters work to prevent the fire from completely consuming a partially damaged house. (San Diego Police Museum)
A news cameraman surveys the scene of the crash. (San Diego Police Museum)
A destroyed car, one of many caught up in the conflagration. (San Diego Police Museum)
The aftermath of Aeromexico flight 498, a very similar crash which occurred eight years later. (AP)
The full list of names of those killed, presented at a memorial service on an anniversary of the crash. (City of San Diego)



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Admiral Cloudberg

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