Candles in the Wind: The crash of Swissair flight 111

The full timeline and track of Swissair flight 111’s final minutes. (TSB)
HB-IWF, nicknamed “Vaud,” the aircraft involved in the accident. (Aero Icarus via Wikimedia)
The approximate route of Swissair flight 111. (Google + own work)
Events in the first part of the flight. (Google + own work)
A diagram of the cockpit attic. (TSB, ignition point annotated by me.)
One of the wires in the conduits in the lower image sparked the fire. It is unknown which conduit contained the faulty wire. (TSB)
The air conditioning smoke checklist used by Swissair. (TSB)
Air conditioning ducts near the cockpit, showing areas which were found to be affected by fire. (TSB)
Heat-damaged structural elements in the cockpit ceiling. (TSB)
The full timeline and track of Swissair flight 111’s final minutes. (TSB)
An animation of Swissair 111’s final moments, as seen in the TV show “Mayday/Air Crash Investigation.” Note that the show portrayed the plane banking the wrong way.
People left mementos near the lighthouse in Peggy’s Cove. (Jonathan Hayward)
Footage of the wreckage of Swissair 111 on the ocean floor. (Mayday)
The reconstructed cockpit of Swissair 111. (The Canadian Press)
In Geneva, someone took this photo of an arrivals board listing flight 111 as “delayed.” (Stéphane Ruet)
A piece of the plane is recovered, showing the registration: HB-IWF. (New York Daily News)
Top down view of the reconstructed cockpit, probably while it was in progress. (Lectromec)
The cockpit interior, reconstructed by the TSB. (Toronto Star)
The reconstructed cockpit interior, looking aft. (Global News Canada)
TSB representatives give a press conference in front of the reconstructed cockpit. (Andrew Vaughan)
The fragmentation of the wreckage attests to the tremendous force of the impact. (CBC)
Recovery crews remove pieces of Swissair 111 from the ocean. (Carlo Allegri)
Residents of Peggy’s Cove put up signs along the highway expressing solidarity with the families of the victims. (New York Daily News)
The memorial to the crash victims in Peggy’s Cove. (CTV News)



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