China Airlines flight 120: Explosion at the Gate

China Airlines flight 120 burns at Okinawa Naha Airport. Image source: Mayday
The China Airlines Boeing 737–800 involved in the accident. Image source: Wikipedia
A simple diagram showing the slat, the slat track, and the track can. Image source: FAA
Breakdown of the downstop assembly. Image source: FAA
Without the washer, the downstop assembly can slide right over the bolt. Video source: Mayday
How the disconnected downstop assembly punctured the fuel tank. Image source: FAA
A traveler in the nearby terminal recorded this video of the evacuation. Video source: ANN
The first officer can be seen falling out of the cockpit window when the plane explodes.
The 737 continued to burn uncontrolled until the tail collapsed to the ground. Image source: Xinhua
By the time the fire was extinguished, most of the plane had been destroyed. Image source: Mayday



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Admiral Cloudberg


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