Contract to Kill: The crash of Surinam Airways flight 764

The wreckage of Surinam Airways flight 764 lies strewn through the jungle after it landed short of the runway in Paramaribo. (ANP/AFP)
Map of Suriname. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
N1809E, the aircraft involved in the accident. (Rolf Wallner)
Members of the Colourful XI before the crash. Some of these players were among the dead. (Sports360)
Route of Surinam Airways flight 764. (Google)
How an instrument landing system works. (Learn to Fly Blog)
How an illusion convinced the pilots that the out-of-service but nevertheless functioning glide slope was faulty. (Own work)
My sketch of the final moments of Suriname Airways flight 764. (Own work)
The plane came to rest upside down with its wheels in the air. (ANP/AFP)
Most sections of the plane totally disintegrated on impact. (ANP/AFP)
A life raft was thrown from the plane and automatically inflated during the crash sequence. (ANP/AFP)
The center wing section was one of the recognizable sections of the airplane. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
Another view of the center wing section. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
A third view of the center wing section. Although this section was the most intact, it is not where most of the survivors were seated — people here were largely crushed when the plane rolled inverted. (Peter Dejong)
The wreckage of the tail section was also relatively recognizable. (Peter Dejong)
Heavy machinery was called in to move the wreckage. (Peter Dejong)
What a sight this must have been for the first rescuers to arrive on the scene. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
A memorial to the 176 victims was constructed at the site of the crash. (Olaf Kraak)



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