Fall of the Helderberg: The crash of South African Airways flight 295

A piece of the fuselage of South African Airways flight 295 is recovered from the Indian Ocean. (Mauritius Times)
Examples of South African Airways’ bizarre apartheid-era flight paths. (Gregory Maxwell)
Diagram of a Boeing 747 combi. (Gregory Maxwell)
Flight path of SAA 295, with the location of the distress call annotated. (Map by Google)
Artist’s rendering of the Helderberg. (Mayday)
Simulation of flight 295’s last minutes before its disappearance. (Mayday)
A South African newspaper’s front page two days after the crash. (The Sunday Times)
What the Helderberg’s fully loaded cargo compartment might have looked like — certainly a nightmarish place to try to fight a fire. (FAA)
A piece of wreckage from the Helderberg is seen on the ocean floor. (FAA)
A piece of the Helderberg’s fuselage skin is brought to the surface of the recovery vessel. (Mauritius Times)
Investigators began reconstructing the fuselage using the recovered pieces. (BEELD)
In this interior view, it becomes apparent just how little wreckage was actually recovered. (IOL)
Location of the fire’s origin. Passenger cabin begins on the left side of the picture. (Gregory Maxwell)
The loss of the Heldberberg was discussed in the post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation hearings. (Institute for Justice and reconciliation)
A newspaper airs new evidence in support of the theory that illegal weapons brought down the plane, one of many such revelations. (The Sunday Times)
A piece of mangled wreckage from the Helderberg is seen on the ocean floor. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
A monument on a beach in Mauritius commemorates the lives lost in the crash. (Embassy of Japan in Mauritius)



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Admiral Cloudberg

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