Fly-By-Night Freight: The crash of Aerosucre flight 157

Video captured by planespotters shows Aerosucre flight 157’s disastrous takeoff. (Original author unknown)
HK-3667X, an Aerosucre 727 which crashed in 2006. (Eric G.)
HK-4544, the aircraft involved in the flight 157 accident. (Nito Nava)
Route of Aerosucre flight 157 within Colombia. (Google + Own work)
Diagram of the effect of the two different rotation speeds on takeoff distance. (GRIAA)
Video taken from the end of the runway shows the plane nearly flattening a group of planespotters. (Original author unknown)
A photo of the plane in flight shows the right inboard trailing flap clearly missing. (Guillermo Tovar)
This table shows where each of the control systems gets its hydraulic power during normal operation, and how they can be controlled in the event of the loss of main hydraulics. (GRIAA)
Video by one of the planespotters captured the final moments of flight 157, followed by a huge fireball as it hits the ground. (Original author unknown)
Witnesses rush to the crash site, where they found burning wreckage scattered over a large area. (UPI)
An aerial view of the first part of the main debris field with major components labeled. (GRIAA)
The second part of the main debris field. The cockpit area, where the mechanic somehow survived, can be seen at the top. (GRIAA)
Another aerial view of the wreckage field. (GRIAA)
Witnesses climb onto the wreckage of the cockpit in search of survivors shortly after the crash. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
First responders and witnesses congregate around the edge of the debris field. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
Video from October 2015 captured another Aerosucre Boeing 727 only barely managing to take off from runway 25 at Germán Olano Airport. (Original author unknown)
A thousand fires lit up the dusk as witnesses rushed to the scene. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)



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