Gambling with Fate: The crash of Galaxy Airlines flight 203

The wreckage of Galaxy Airlines flight 203 lies on a street in Reno, Nevada the morning after the crash. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
The solid white line is the round trip flight; some passengers also covered the dashed route by bus. (Google)
N5532, the aircraft involved in the accident. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
George Lamson Jr., pictured a few years after the crash. (George Lamson Jr.)
Location and appearance of the air start access door. (NTSB)
Annotated flight path 1/2 (NTSB)
Annotated flight path 2/2 (NTSB)
My sketch of the moment of impact. (Own work)
Firefighters battle the flames at the RV dealership. (Reno Gazette-Journal)
The aftermath of the crash the following morning. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
An aerial view of the crash scene. (Reno Gazette-Journal)
White sheets were placed over human remains amid the charred wreckage of the fuselage. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
Another view of the wreckage. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
An engine, still attached to the wing, lies surrounded by firefighting foam. (AP)
Fire crews examine the wreckage after extinguishing the fire. (AP)
Police remove a body from the scene of the crash. (AP)
Police search the wreckage for human remains. (AP)
A memorial in Reno lists the names of the victims of the crash. (Reno Gazette-Journal)



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Admiral Cloudberg

Admiral Cloudberg

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