House of Cards: The crash of One-Two-GO flight 269

Officials work in front of the imposing wreckage of One-Two-GO flight 269 in Phuket, Thailand. (AFP)
HS-OMG, the aircraft involved in the accident. (Moke Promma)
The route of flight 269 within Thailand. (Google)
An approach plate for Phuket runway 27 with the offset highlighted. (Jeppesen)
Diagram of the throttle levers. Toga switches are highlighted, and point 8 is the autothrottle disconnect button. (AAIC)
Graph of some basic flight data during the last couple minutes of the flight. (NTSB)
The wreckage of the MD-82 came to rest over the ditch and up against the embankment. (AFP)
Video shot a couple hours after the crash shows the chaos of the on-scene rescue operations. (Jeff Craig)
Much of the rear of the fuselage remained intact, but large sections of the interior burned over during the immediate aftermath. (New York Times)
In the mangled forward section, impact forces were probably a greater cause of death than smoke and fire. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
Rescue workers had to lay a plank across the ditch to access the wreckage on foot. (AFP)
The interior of the cabin was gutted by fire. (AFP)
Another view of the ruined forward section after getting rolled between the center fuselage and the embankment. (AFP)
A crane removes the tail during the cleanup process. (AFP)
Rescue crews work in the remains of the forward section, up against the embankment. (AFP)
A warehouse full of bodies shows the scale of the tragedy. (Chumsak Kanoknan)
A closer view of the wreckage. (South China Morning Post)
After the crash, rescue crews continued to work into the night. (



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Admiral Cloudberg

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