Lesser of Two Evils: The crash of Ameristar Charters flight 9363

Ameristar Charters flight 9363 lies next to a road after it ran off the runway in Ypsilanti, Michigan. (AP)
N786TW, the aircraft involved in the accident. (Adam Moreira)
Willow Run Airport in 2006. (Mark Pasqualino)
The route of flight 9363. (Google + own work)
The location of the geared tab and a diagram of its linkages. (NTSB)
Another angle of the simulated winds which affected the aircraft. (NTSB)
In this flight data, note what happens when the captain pulls back on the yoke for takeoff. (NTSB)
The path of flight 9363 after it ran off the runway. (NTSB)
The plane came to rest across a ditch, which it fortunately struck at very low speed. (NTSB)
Damage to the right elevator geared tab linkage found after the accident. (NTSB)
The underside of the nose took some of the heaviest damage. (NTSB)
The main landing gear bent backwards when the plane hit the road. (NTSB)
NTSB investigators examine the tail. The tailcone was removed by the crew from the inside as an additional emergency exit, although no passengers used it. (NTSB)
Airport crews siphon fuel out of the wing tanks so that the airplane can be moved. (NTSB)
The R1 door, seen here, was not used because its slide did not deploy. (NTSB)
This was as close as journalists could get to the scene. (AP)
Before and after the upgrades to the runway end safety area. (NTSB)
The aftermath of the 2021 MD-87 crash in Houston. (CNN)
Investigators examine the tail of the MD-87 in Houston. (NTSB)
The Michigan Wolverines board their replacement aircraft the morning after the accident. (Michigan Men’s Basketball on Twitter)



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