Matter over Mind: The crash of Turkish Airlines flight 6491

A firefighter digs through the charred rubble of a Kyrgyz village after the crash of Turkish Airlines flight 6491. (BBC)
TC-MCL, the aircraft involved in the accident, photographed five days before the crash. (Kelvin Jahae)
The route of flight 6491. (Google)
Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the approach plan for runway 26 at Manas Airport. (MAK)
Progress of flight 6491. (MAK)
The effect of leaving the speed brakes retracted during the descent from RAXAT to TOKPA. (Own work)
Progress of flight 6491. (MAK)
Progress of flight 6491. (MAK)
What is a false glide slope? (Aviation Dictionary)
Flight path of the 747 in relation to the real and false glide slopes. (MAK)
The entire final approach of flight 6491, with annotations. (MAK)
My sketch of the moment flight 6491 impacted the buildings. (Own work)
An aerial view of the trail of destruction. (MAK)
An aerial view looking in the opposite direction. (MAK)
The tail section of the plane lies amid the tangled rubble of houses and cars. (BBC)
The heavy landing gear destroyed one family’s house. (BBC)
The remains of the cockpit came to rest against the side of a building. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
A wheel from the plane’s landing gear burst into this house, destroying a wall. (BBC)
The 747’s severed tail section looms over mud brick buildings. (Al Jazeera)



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Admiral Cloudberg

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