Siberian Tragedy: The crash of S7 Airlines flight 778

S7 Airlines flight 778 burns after skidding off the runway in Irkutsk. (Ne svezhie novosti)
F-OGYP, the airplane involved in the accident, pictured one month before the crash. (Gennady Misko)
The route of flight 778. (Google)
How the throttles levers and reverse levers work on the Airbus A310. (John Kelley)
Animation of the landing with the position of the throttle and reverse levers — watch their positions closely. Animation plays at double real speed. (ChilloutJr’s Animations via YouTube)
Path of flight 778 after leaving the runway. (Google)
My sketch of the moment flight 778 crashed through the perimeter wall. (Own work)
The A310 burns shortly after the crash. (Aviation Accidents Database)
Firefighters attempt to douse the flames after the end of the evacuation. (Ne svezhie novosti)
Firefighters work near the still-smoldering tail section of the A310. (AP)
Investigators walk along the wings, examining the wreckage. (Ruspekh)
The tail section was the only part of the plane that was not completely burnt. (Zhurnal “Itogi”)
Recovery crews prepare to remove the A310’s tail section using a crane. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
Mangled debris was all that remained of the airplane’s forward section. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
The plane’s landing gear lies amid a pile of charred debris. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
A crane begins the process of debris removal. (Kommersant)
The A310’s tail looks decidedly out of place, sticking up between the rooftops of Irkutsk’s Svetlyi district. (NTV)
Firefighters battle the flames an hour or two after the crash. (IrkutskMedia)
The burnt-out interior of the tail section. (Anatolii Markusha)



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