The crash of Air Moorea flight 1121: Analysis

The tailfin of Air Moorea flight 1121 after its recovery from the sea. Image source: the BEA
An Air Moorea Twin Otter, and the route of flight 1121. Image sources: Paul Spijkers and Google
Comparison of wear on stainless steel and carbon steel control cables. Image source: the BEA
Diagram of the possible positions of the accident aircraft and an Airbus A340. Image source: the BEA
Simulation of the moment of the cable failure. Video source: Mayday (Cineflix)
Simulation of the crash. Video source: Mayday (Cineflix)
Photo of the actual cable that broke. Image source: the BEA
Wreckage from flight 1121 after being brought ashore. Image source: La Dépêche
A monument commemorates the victims of the crash. Image source: Werner Fischdick



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Admiral Cloudberg

Admiral Cloudberg

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