The Fallible Mind: The crash of Comair flight 5191

The cockpit of flight 5191 lies in a field after the crash. (Public domain image)
A Comair/Delta Connection CRJ-100 similar to the one involved in the accident. Image source: David Mueller
Where flight 5191 should have taxied. Image source: the NTSB
Where they should have gone versus where they actually went. Image source: the NTSB
A simulation of the takeoff, with the cockpit voice recorder transcript overlaid. Video source: Eyewitness Animations
Simulation of the crash. Video source: Eyewitness Animations
An aerial view of the crash site. Image source: the New York Times
The ruined cockpit from which Polehinke was pulled alive. Image source: the NTSB
The burned out remains of the passenger cabin testify to the intensity of the post-crash fire. Image source: the NTSB
The tail section with the engines was one of the only recognizable parts of the plane. Image source: the NTSB
Another aerial view of the crash site. Image source: the NTSB
Recovery crews prepare the charred cockpit for transport. Image source: the Louisville Courier-Journal
How a heading bug works. Image source: the NTSB
The wreckage of Singapore Airlines flight 006 lies on the runway after the crash in October 2000. Image source: Asia One
Polehinke tries to maintain a positive attitude going forward. Image source: CNN
Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger visits the memorial to the victim of Comair flight 5191. Image source: Chesley Sullenberger



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Admiral Cloudberg

Admiral Cloudberg

Analyzer of plane crashes and author of upcoming book (eventually™). Contact me via @Admiral_Cloudberg on Reddit or by email at