The Luxembourg Maneuver: The crash of Luxair flight 9642

Firefighters examine the wreckage of Luxair flight 9642. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
LX-LGB, the aircraft involved in the accident. (Aero Icarus via Wikimedia)
The route of Luxair flight 9642. (Google)
Visibility at Findel Airport had been below the limit ever since the flight took off. (AET)
Reconstruction of the flight, with ELU and the current location highlighted. (AET)
How throttle position affects thrust output and direction. (Own work)
Why Captain Claude Poeckes lifted the ground range selector. (Own work)
The logic relationship between the anti-skid system and the flight idle stop. (FAA)
Why the engines got stuck in reverse. (
My sketch of the moment of impact. (Own work)
Firefighters examine the wreckage after the fire is extinguished. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
An aerial view of the crash site, with the first impact marks on the left. (AET)
Another aerial overview of the wreckage. (AET)
Aerial view of the wreckage from the other direction. (AET)
Firefighters spray down the cockpit with foam shortly after the crash. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
A crane begins the process of removing wreckage from the crash site. (Luxembourg Times)
EP-LCA, the aircraft involved in the Kish Air accident. (DesertWingPix via
Officials survey the crash site of Kish Air flight 7170. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
Another view of the Kish Air wreckage. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
The aftermath of the crash of Airlines PNG flight 1600. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
A memorial now stands on side of the road where Luxair flight 9642 came to rest. (Luxembourg Times)



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Admiral Cloudberg

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