The near crash of British Airways flight 5390

A British Airways BAC-111 similar to the accident aircraft. Image source: Wikipedia
Reconstruction of the shift manager working on the windscreen. Image source: Mayday
Similar bolts, but not quite the same. Image source: Mayday
Simulation and reconstruction of the moment of the decompression. Video source: Mayday
Reconstruction of Simon Rogers hanging on to Tim Lancaster. Image source: Mayday
Fire crews respond to flight 5390 after the landing. Image source: Mayday
Tim Lancaster, Nigel Ogden, John Heward, and Simon Rogers, reunited later. Image source: Adam Butler
The outside of the plane, plastered with Captain Lancaster’s blood, after the accident. Image source: The Daily Mail
Examining the windscreen after the accident. Image source is unclear.
Cockpit of a Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319 after it lost its windshield, May 2018. Image source: China Daily



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Admiral Cloudberg

Admiral Cloudberg

Analyzer of plane crashes and author of upcoming book (eventually™). Contact me via @Admiral_Cloudberg on Reddit or by email at