The Words Not Spoken: The crash of Avianca flight 052

The wreckage of Avianca flight 052 lies on a hillside in Cove Neck, New York. (NTSB)
The headquarters of the FAA. (Glassdoor)
The New York TRACON, or N90, is one of the most complex pieces of airspace in the world. (Unknown author)
HK-2016, the aircraft involved in the accident. (Simon Butler)
The route of Avianca flight 052. (Google + own work)
The series of holds during the final two and a half hours of flight 052. (Google + own work)
(NTSB + own work)
A map of major events between 21:00 and 21:10. (NTSB)
Profile view of flight 052’s failed approach. (NTSB)
The full map of flight 052’s movements after leaving CAMRN, with relevant annotations. (NTSB)
Diagram of flight 052’s impact against the ground. (NTSB)
News footage of the aftermath places the wreck in context. (News 12 Long Island)
Rescuers work amid the wreckage on the night of the accident. (AP)
Another aerial view of the wreckage. (NTSB)
The fuselage came to rest on a slope which was angled at almost 45 degrees. (NTSB)
This aerial view of the scene shows where the cockpit came to rest in relation to the cabin. (New York Daily News)
A closer view of the nose section. Most of the occupants here died, including the flight crew, although a handful survived. (NTSB)
Rescuers remove an injured passenger from the remains of the cabin. (Newsday)
Firefighters work near the 707’s tail section. (PBS)
Looking downhill toward the severed nose. (NTSB)
Another aerial view of the scene. (Newsday)
Another view of the front of the main fuselage section, where most seats were ejected. (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)
All sorts of debris littered the yard of this astonished Cove Neck resident. (NTSB)
(New York Daily News)
Close-up of flight 052’s tail section. (Bettmann via Getty Images)
Another view of the tail section. (Bettmann via Getty Images)
A firefighter carries an injured child away from the wreckage of flight 052. (Newsday)



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